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Use the links below to find the Network health care providers you plan to visit for your care. Please be sure to select the link below that’s appropriate for when and where you expect to receive your care. When you click on the link, a new window will open for the choice you have made. If you need to start a new search, just click on “Start New Search” and then “Change”, or close the Provider Online Search window and choose a new link below.

MHBP Network Medical Providers

MHBP’s Network providers are those that participate with Aetna Choice POS II in all states except Utah.
In Utah, MHBP’s Network providers are in the Coventry National Network.
Be sure to choose the link below that corresponds to where you expect to receive your care.

All states except Utah:

Utah only:

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Providers

To receive Network benefits, you must contact the Plan before arranging to see a mental health provider. These providers are typically not included in the online provider directory. See the official Plan brochure or call us at 1-800-410-7778 for more information on your mental health benefits.

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About Non-Network Providers

MHBP is a fee-for-service Plan that allows you and your covered dependents to choose your health care providers. However, when you use a Non-Network provider, you may incur higher out-of-pocket expenses. The Non-Network benefits are the regular benefits of this plan. Network benefits apply only when you use a Network provider.

Non-Network benefits are based on the Plan's Non-Network allowance (the amount the Plan will consider for services provided by Non-Network providers). The Non-Network allowance depends on the type of care you receive, whether you receive care in an area that has a fully developed network, and other factors. Please refer to “Plan Allowance” in Section 10 of the official Plan brochure for a complete description.

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