Temporary Continuation of Coverage

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Temporary Continuation of Federal Health Insurance Coverage

When you lose FEHB benefits, electing Temporary Continuation of Coverage (TCC) ensures you are able to continue health coverage for a period of time. If you qualify for TCC, then the MHBP Value Plan may be right for you. Our Value Plan offers an excellent and affordable solution to help you take charge

Value Plan Delivers Nationwide Network Coverage

Wherever you live, work or travel MHBP is there! Our nationwide provider network has you covered in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. No referrals to specialists, or primary care physician enrollment are required.  Locate participating Network providers.

Value Plan Provides Valuable Health Coverage

When you use health care providers that participate in the Plan's nationwide network, you get the essential coverage you need:

  • 100% coverage for an annual physical exam
  • 100% coverage for preventive screenings and immunizations
  • 100% coverage for lab tests—when using Quest Diagnostics
  • 100% coverage for Maternity
  • Primary care doctor's office visits for a $30 copay per visit
  • Convenient care clinic visits for a $15 copay per visit
  • Generic prescriptions for a low $10 copayment at retail, $30 mail order
  • Network level benefits for services received outside the US
  • Coverage for doctor’s visits, hospitalization and more…

Temporary Continuation of Coverage Resources

View the OPM Temporary Continuation of Coverage guide, RI 79-27 for detailed information on TCC.

Call 1-800-410-7778 anytime if you have questions about TCC and the MHBP Value Plan.

MHBP Value Plan helps you take charge when you need temporary coverage!

This is a summary of the MHBP Value Plan. Before making a final decision, please read the official Plan brochure (RI 71-007). All benefits are subject to the definitions, limitations and exclusions set forth in the official Plan brochure.

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