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Learn about Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Insurance Plans and MHBP

As federal or postal employee or annuitant you have a variety of health plans available to you and so much information to absorb.  We want to help you better understand your FEHBP coverage options, how to navigate your benefits, and share information on the affordable coverage options MHBP offers to you.  Here's a briefing on what you find in this section: 

  • FEHB 101--learn about the history of FEHBP, the advantages it offers you and eligibility requirements:
  • Federal New Hires--discover how long you have to enroll from your date of hire and explore MHBP health plans.
  • Temporary Continuation of Coverage (TCC)--when you lose FEHB benefits, electing TCC ensures that you are able to continue health coverage for a period of time. If you qualify for TCC, then the MHBP Value Plan may be right for you.
  • FEDVIP Dental & Vision--get information about your dental and vision coverage options.  You can choose plans from FEDVIP or take advantage of the year-round enrollment dental and vision programs MHBP offers.
  • Health Care Reform--this law has had little impact on the benefits offered to federal employees and retirees, but you can check here and at www.opm.gov to stay abreast of any changes that may affect your FEHBP coverage.
  • Medicare--learn the basics about Medicare and then go on to discover how MHBP coordinates your benefits.  You can also get more information at www.Medicare.gov.
  • Fraud and Abuse--understand what it is so that you can ensure that it doesn't happen to you, or if it already has you can take proper action.

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