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Get the information you need to make the right health plan choice for you. Learn more about MHBP and our Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) insurance plans.


  • Special Announcement--Health Insurance Marketplace

    With the exception of Members of Congress or designated Congressional staff, the Health Insurance Marketplace does not affect FEHB Program enrollees.  For additional information, visit OPM’s website:

  • Member Newsletter

    The Spring edition of the Health Benefit Planner newsletter is now available. 

  • Special Information for New Hires

    Are you new to federal employment? Do you have an opportunity to change your coverage? View information to help you choose the right plan for you.

  • Health Care Reform

    Get the latest information on health care reform and what to expect as a federal or postal employee or annuitant.  Information is also available in the fall edition of the Planner newsletter (see page 9).
    -Health Care Reform FAQs
    -Planner article—Health Exchange  Marketplace and your FEHB coverage

  • Get TCC with MHBP

    Losing your FEHB coverage? Need to continue having health benefits? Enroll with MHBP for Temporary Continuation of Coverage (TCC). Learn more about our low cost option, Value Plan.

  • QuitPower® Smoking Cessation Program

    Win the fight against tobacco with QuitPower® on your side. You now have the support you need to give up smoking or chewing for good. Enroll in QuitPower today. Read the following for more information:
    -QuitPower Flyer

  • Precertification Required for Pain Management Injections

    Starting April 1, MHBP will reinstate its preauthorization requirement for injections used to manage back or neck pain.  Failure to preauthorize pain management injections may result in higher out-of-pocket costs for you.  Be sure to contact us prior to receiving these services.

  • FEHBP Urine Drug Testing Coverage Notice

    Learn more about your coverage for urine drug testing.  Certain requirements apply for these tests to be covered.

  • NPMHU Associate Member Benefits

    Learn more about the privileges available to you as a member or associate member of the National Postal Mail Handlers Union.


  • Health Care Professionals

    Get benefits information, claims filing details, facts on joining our provider network and other federal health insurance information.

  • Health Benefit Officers

    Learn more about the services and resources MHBP offers to help you meet the needs of federal employees.

  • Local Unions

    Access special reports and get updates from your MHBP Union Relations team.

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